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* model 11-62 low noise multi-vane centrifugal fan has been designed and prooduced according to the requirements from the increasingly devloping purification industry and environmental protection and noise decrease. the fan adopts the mufti-purpose optimized design schemes in aspects of noise, efficiency. various pneumatic parameters. it fulfills the finest over -rail frame performance matching, it has sound pneumatic persormance. the paddle-wheel, pulley have been tmplemented with strict staic, dynamic balancing correction. therefore it has the features such as smooth running, low noise, litter vibration, long life and so on. it is wide坟applicable for lichen exhaust, range hood or ventilation, air-exchange in the public places such as the unit canteens, guesthouses, restaurants, eating establishments etc. it is fit for use in the production equipments such as grain; chemical; plastic machineries and so on.