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main usages: suitable for kitchen exhausting,fume extraction or ventilation in public places such as canteens, food stalls, hotel restaurants, restaurants, restaurants,etc., and suitable for food machinery, chemical machinery, plastic machinery and other production equipments.

design features:

* a new type of centrifugal fan jointly researched and developed by xi’an jiaotong university based on the design of cf-11.

* it adopts the cfd 3d flow field 3d simulation technology to upgrade based on cf-11 old type.

* the front and rear plates of the impellers adopt die-drawing process, which makes the concentricity and beat of the impeller better.

* the base bracket is designed as an overall steel plate structure, to form a beautiful appearance and atmosphere.

* this fan adopts compact structure, high air volume, powerful sucking,stable

* operation, high efficiency, energy saving,low noise, easy to install, etc.

* the medium to be transported is air and other gases that do not ignite spontaneously and harmless to human body and do not corrode the viscous material is allowed in the gas, dust and hard particles are not more than 150mg/m3, and the medium temperature must not exceed 80℃.