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* wex series axial fans adopt advanced forward-swept vane, low-noise external rotor or motor direct drive for inner rotor axial fans.the square shell design can be easily installed on concrete walls, brick walls or light steel pressure wall panels. the rain cover has a firm structure and beautiful appearance. it is low noise, large air volume, reliable operation,wide range of performance parameters, and easy installation, it is widely used in the side wall type ventilation of factories and mines and civil and commercial construction projects.according to the requirements of the transmission medium, it can be made anti- corrosion type, explosion一proof type.

* wex series axial fans are generally used for side wall exhaust, equipped with 45“rain cover (or 60 0 specially made), insect net (to prevent insects from flying into the workshop at night), gravity check valve(it can be make sure that the workshop remains isolated from the outdoors when the fan is not on).