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main usage: it is suitable for ventilation in hotels, shopping malls, theaters, dance halls, etc. it can also be used for supporting central air-conditioning units, air-conditioning purification,and refrigeration equipment units.

product description:

* designed to meet the environmental noise reduction requirements.

* the van jiaotong university’s acoustic optimization method is used to optimize the noise of the inlet and outlet of the wind turbine.

* ysf low noise inner rotor aluminum stretch cylinder motor for motors.

* impeller is made of high quality anti-aging plastic abs injection molding, light weight, quick start, continuous use in一40℃environment.

* with a good amount of aerodynamic performance, air volume, high pressure, small size, low noise, h咱h efficiency, flat performance curve, compact structure, easy installation and so on.

* skdt-x fan structure can also be made according to the use environment.

* the medium to be transported is air and other gases that do not self-ignite and are harmless to the human body and do not corrode the steel. no viscous material is allowed in the gas, dust and hard particles are not more than 150mg/m³, and the medium temperature must not exceed 60℃.