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* fzy series frequency fan for the external rotor motor, external rotor motors of the series with a compact, easy to install, reliable operation, low noise, energy efficient features.

* fzy series of fan-frequency operation is divided into two single-phase and three-phase asynchronous induction capacitor run. wide坟used for ground control devices, ventilation and cooling of large electronic equipment, cabi-nets, welding and other industries, can also be used in buildings, plant as ventilation, ventilation, purification.

* fzy series centrifugal fan insulation class b, class f.

* voltage: single-phase capacitor run fan to 220v/50hz, three phase wind is 380v/50hz. we can follow customer demand for the production of different voltages, fan frequency.

* fan for ambient temperatures between -30℃-60℃,relative humidity less than 90%, altitude less than 1000m.

* the average fan is applicable to life more than 30,000 hours.

* must be a ground wire motor with external grounding device before connecting the fan to use effectively.

* fan characteristic curves are circles under wind conditions and does not cover screening tests.