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service support

in order to ensure that the company’s products can be operated in a long-term, safe and reliable manner in your company’s projects, while taking into account that the products are prevented from accidents during the after-sales process, the company starts from product design, manufacturing, to the final pre-sale service and sales of the product. service and after-sales service are as follows:

pre-sale service

the company’s technical center actively cooperates with the user’s technical department to understand the use requirements of the fan, to ensure the correct selection and shape size, and at the same time to cooperate with the user to do a good job of technical clarification.

in-sale service

1. after the company’s products have won the bid, the provision and response of technical documents will be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the bid documents.
2. the products provided by the company will be manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract, and actively cooperate with users in on-site supervision and inspection work.
3. the motor selected by our company is selected according to user requirements, and the bearing service time is more than 150,000 hours.
4. the products are packed in strict accordance with the company’s standard requirements to meet the requirements of safe transportation.

after-sales service

1. the company assigns full-time technical personnel to cooperate with the installation of users to conduct a comprehensive review of the fan, so that the fan can be installed under normal and ideal conditions and participate in the commissioning of the fan.
2. the company provides free training, repair and maintenance for users.
3. all on-site service personnel dispatched by the company can only return to the company for settlement after the user signs and confirms the service work.
4. during the warranty period, the company will provide users with free repairs in time if problems are found, and remind users to maintain regularly and refuel on time. repairs to users outside the warranty period are charged at cost.
5. if the product provided by the company fails during operation, the company has after-sales service centers in shanghai, beijing, guangzhou, fuzhou, xi’an, nanning, zhengzhou, hefei, yunnan, etc. the head office is staffed 24 hours a day , after-sales service center telephone: 0576-86422222, 86402172. the service response time is 2 hours (within 12 hours within the province and within 24 hours from other provinces), and staff will be dispatched to the site to solve the problem in time.