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main application: the newest centrifugal fan developed for material transportation, can be used for sucking and discharging solid materials with large volume and large area, such as fiber, shavings, tobacco, sawdust, wooden blocks, cartons and food feeds.

design features:

* it adopts non一traditional design and the impellers are different from that of conventional products.

* the main feature is that the impeller is equipped with a separation disk, and the material is transported by the negative pressure of the impeller. when the material enters the separation disk inside the housing, the separation disk uses the centrifugal force of the centrifugal fan to discharge the material of the suction and discharge through the inner flow path of the housing.chassis.

* the suction and discharge material does not contact, collide, clog,contaminate or wear the blade.

* it can ensure long-term stable operation of the impeller, high efficiency of suction and discharge materials, and longer use life.

* this怕n has been applied for an invention patent.