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* model sjg, fjg oblique flow pipeline fan is a novel type.the paddle-wheel is the deformation of axial-flow fan. the air stream is scattering along the blade center it declines to the air-stream direction. its features are as follows: on condition of the same machine number, its flow is larger than the con-trifuga fan; the pitot is higher than the axial-flow fan. its bulk is smaller than the centrifugal fan. it has advantages such as wide and effective running zone. low noise, small covering area, easy installation etc. it will not influence the pipeline collocation and trends. it is mostly fit for the straight pipeline pressurizing and air blast and exhaust. it esp. display its advantageous compact structure to the narrow-space machine rooms. 

* model sjg, fjg series fans are wide扮applicable for the ventilated and air-exchange places such as the mining and industrial enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, gymnasiums, high-rise buildings etc.