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main usage:it is suitable for ventilating,air exchanging for industrial and mining enterprises,agriculture, civil construction, textiles,chemicals,metallurgy,refrigeration equipments,etc..

design features:

* it adopts the advanced technology and designed based on the sfii series to be the generation iii products.

* jointly developed with shanghai jiaotong university, the blade adopts 3d optimization design,using toothed blades,and operates with lower noise,the wheel hub is made of integral die casting.

* the impeller is formed by connecting the blades and the hub with bolts .the weight is light, quick start, large air volume,and high e衍ciency.

* the motor adopts an enlarged model,the appearance of which uses a 3d design and better air flow performance.

* the transported medium is air and other gases that do not ignite spontaneously and are harmless to the human body and do not corrode the steel.no viscous materia}is allowed in the gas,dust and hard particles are not more than 150mg/m³,and the medium temperature must not exceed 60℃.