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thank history for giving us the opportunity to benefit people. under the great policy of china’s reform and opening up, xingyi fan grew out of nothing, from small to large, and is now a modern private enterprise with high-end manufacturing in the fan industry. however, compared with world-class enterprises, we still have a clear gap. china’s accession to the wto has brought huge challenges and opportunities to all chinese enterprises. in the new round of competition, the industry will be reshuffled according to global competitiveness standards, and only the best companies can survive in the future competition. through continuous technological innovation, we will gradually establish the leading position of xingyi fans in the industry, and then lead the industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional fans to smart home improvement fans, in order to pursue the operational philosophy of high-quality products and services, and seek to gain market competitive advantages. , expand the market share, provide customers with a complete set of fan solutions, become an industry expert, always clarify the development strategy of “becoming the world leader in the fan industry”, and carry forward xingyi company.

looking to the future, to achieve our development goals, the most important thing is to persist in reform and innovation, and maintain the passion of employees and the vitality of the organization. the experience of countless successful companies at home and abroad proves that only those companies that can continue to change when they succeed, constantly surpass themselves, and surpass their past successes, can last forever. we know that only reform and innovation can maintain the vitality of the enterprise, create more opportunities for future development, and help us overcome potential crises. let us pass the passion of change and innovation to every employee, use our blood, youth and sweat to achieve our business and realize the common goal of xingyi people.

xingyi fan shoulders a strong mission of the times and social responsibilities. it will be able to stand out in the vigorous development of the industry and become a world-class fan industry benchmark company!

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